Restoring hopes of the underprivileged rural population in health sector by giving equitable access to health care through the provision of high quality responsive health care and services is the canvas, to be achieved through taking ownership of the core system and services.

  • To provide the best possible health care in the region.
  • To provide a standard of care which is ‘world class’.
  • To provide a congenial and pleasant environment for staff, patients and their relatives.

Hospital Services Policy:

Anybody who walks in, is to be treated, whether he got money or no money. For poor’s needy patients & for their families, Medical services are free/highly subsidized. For middle class Medical services are subsidized. well to do families has to pay their bill in full, for the services they get.
Hospital objectives
The Hospital shall endeavor to achieve the following objectives:

    • To provide affordable and accessible curative and preventive health services to all the people irrespective of their status, tribe, nationality, race, color, sex, language or creed
    • To provide Primary & Secondary healthcare at door step of the people of rural areas.