The ICU is one of the basic necessities of the hospital both in the public & private set up. BNMH has esteem ICU which is fully equipped with all the required specialized equipment to be used for the critical care of the patients.

    • This unit is based on six (06) beds in which four (04) beds are the ICU beds and two (02) beds are as isolation rooms within the ICU, titled as HDU.
    • Every bed is provided with the Ventilator and vital signs monitors, Emergency trolley is maintained with all necessary medicines and infusions. Besides ECG, Defibrillator and portable X-ray are provided as a part of a unit.
    • The ICU is not open for public/ Attendants
    • The nursing staff deputed is trained in ICU/CCU specialty.
    • Round the clock one or more trained medical officer is present in ICU.
    • Consultants visit the patients as and when required round the clock.
    • Germ free environment is very well maintained in ICU.

The operation theatre is next adjacent to the ICU. The Anesthetist in charge OT is also in charge of the ICU.


At a hospital like BNMH, whose patient population already comprises sickest of the sick. Our coronary care unit is there meeting the challenging and demanding heart diseases requiring minute to minute care. We have state of the art fully equipped 10 bedded CCU for patients with variety of cardiac illness including acute myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, heart failure and dysrhythmias are treated under supervision of highly qualified and professional Cardiologists with round the clock cover, immediately under care of dedicated junior cardiac medical officers, our highly skilled nursing staff looking after the cardiac patients. Apart from routine telemetry and central monitoring .We have facilities for pacemaker placement, cardio version and mechanical ventilator support. CCU is affiliated with two upcoming projects including cardiac Cath lab and Cardiac Surgical Unit.


Just steps away from Labor and Delivery, newborn babies and neonates are cared at our NICU. They receive urgent and on-going care, unit is equipped with advanced incubator and staffed by specialty-trained nurses and neonatologists. Follow up clinics are designed for the neonates/ children.

Knowledgeable Experts

Babies born, who require specialized care will receive the most technologically advanced treatment in MIH state-of-the-art facilities from highly skilled board-certified neonatologists. MIH physicians, nurses and other clinical staff for Paediatric ailments share their expertise and insights. Staff neonatologists provide ongoing communication and are available to you and your baby at MIH 24 hours a day. Our team is available for follow-up care after your baby leaves the hospital.

Baby Privacy

Privacy is a priority to us because it’s good health for your baby and respectful of your well-being. But in an open unit, privacy is a challenge. Please don’t ask us about other babies. Their health information is private. Peads department is limited to the parents visit only to avoid any unhealthy information & environment. The newborn’s health status is followed up by neonatologist day to day in hospital and on discharge parents are advised to visit as/ schedule to keep the health record of MAROOF’s child.


Emergency is open 24 hours    0300-0407033