orking Time

OPD services: 
Monday to Sunday 
08:00 am to 08:00pm

ors Timetable

The following is for guidance only to help you plan your appointment with a preferred Doctor or Consultant. It does not guarantee availability as the Doctors or Consultants may sometimes be attending to other duties/patients.


Call us to book an appointment. We will try and schedule a consultation according to you and our timetable and taking into account the nature or urgency of your problem. Please tell reception if you are in pain or distress or feel acutely unwell.

rgency Cases


Emergency 24/7
at all times….

Important Operational Points

  1. All doctors should reach on time (by 8:00 A.M.) as a mark of respect for patient’s time. It also ensures that the morning OPD is over well in time for afternoon clinics to function.
  1. OPD enrollment is mandatory for each & every Patient.
  1. Only receptionists are allowed to receive payments for all kind of services. No other desk is allowed to receive anything under any head from patients.
  1. Those entire patients having any life-threatening disease may not admit in BNMH. We are not accepting serious injuries/disease. However before referring, Medical officer will ensure that proper first aid has been provided and proper documentation have been made
  1. Admissions in the ward will be made through on duty Medical officers only. Nobody in hospital administration or Nursing staff is authorized to admit any patient without consultation/approval of on duty MO.
  1. No Medical staff in hospital is authorized to give any kind of discount on services without approval of hospital administration. However patient having discounted or Zakat cards are exceptions.
  1. All doctors are to prescribe medicine generic names not brand names.
  1. All doctors/Paramedics/Technicians/admin/General staff to wear official dress as per BNMH Policy.
  1. Supervisors to ensure pleasant/neat/clean/infection free environment to medical staff & patients.
  2. Nursing staff ensure less waiting time, proper bedding and medication.