Nutrition refers to a completely balanced and composed diet that provides all basic nutrients necessary for a human body to work. We at BNMH always focus at providing best to our patients and helping them lead a healthy life. We have many nutrionists in our team, whose sole job is to examine the nutrional value of each food item available at our café. They particularly customize every single patient’s diet as per the need of their body and as per their consultant’s recommendation. There are separately designed menus for patients which facilitate them to choose healthy food from the given variety. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and utilized so to preserve maximum energy value. Our team also provides customized diet plans to patients suffering from Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Malnutrition. These diet plans are carefully drafted to meet the individual requirement of each patient. They are also guided regarding how to keep a check on every day’s food intake so that every bite they take is nutrionally balanced.

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