64% Pakistani population that resides in villages isn’t having proper access to basic health facilities. Contrary to the ground realities, metropolitan cities have been the center of Governmental priorities and preference of development sector too.Chakwal, a district where 87.85% population resides in villages, lacks featured healthcare facilities, thus patients are referred to tertiary care hospitals of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, in doing so many patients lose their lives on roads, while the survivors are admitted to overburdened hospitals. Considering ourselves indebted and duteous to these deprived people, Alhamdulillah, with candid support of our worthy patrons, Bin Qutab Foundation (BQF) started restoring hopes. Let me share a verse from Holy Quran;

…If anyone does a good action, We will increase the good of it for him. “Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful”. (Surat Ash-Shura: 23)

Establishing hospital at Chakwal is just a beginning, we still have a long way to go, by the virtue of your support and cooperation, these grandest intentions, followed by small good deeds would eventually turn into an unimagined realities.

Yours in service,

Muhammad Bashir Malik


  • Muhammad bashir malik

    Muhammad Bashir Malik

CEO Message

BNMH is a need based purpose build, 50 beds Multi-specialty operational hospital, a project of Bin Qutab Foundation (BQF) a not for profit organization  (NPO) and is managed by the revenue it generates in addition to the help and support it receives, in cash and in kind from  donors, individuals and organizations in the form of zakat and/or donations.We believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right and should be available to anyone and everywhere, either affordable or free of cost. With this belief, we ventured into setting up BNM Hospital and Healthcare Centre in village Bhubhar, District Chakwal. It is in fact the only noteworthy Primary & secondary care hospital of its kind addressing the healthcare needs of the surrounding underprivileged rural and urban strata.

At BNMH our slogan is “We Own the patient” and  well being of the patient is our primary responsibility. We have an obligation to provide the best possible treatment, delivered most efficiently, in the shortest possible time span and at minimum cost. Quality treatment is being given to all patients. in addition hospital also running a comprehensive programme “Pakistan Rural Preventive HealthCare programme” stepped forward to help the community by managing regular camps through state of the art Mobile hospital and other social initiatives.Here I would also like to acknowledge and extend full credit to our hardworking & dedicated staff and to our excellent team of doctors. The main reason for our existence for the last many years has been our patients who have put their trust and faith in us and given us an opportunity to prove our merit and provide them suitable medical attention.Its matter of great pleasure for us that continuous efforts and significant  progress towards extension of hospital to 200 beds is underway including a project for health education with capacity of 200 students will be completed till Mid of 2020.We stand firm on our commitment to continue to provide subsidized or free medical care and diagnostics to the lower strata of the society with your help and support and will continue our focus on delivering better quality service to our patients.

Best Wishes,
M. Tauqeer Malik
Chief Executive Officer


  • M Tauqeer Malik

    M. Tauqeer Malik


Envisioned to work for the cause of Rural-healthcare, Education, Women Empowerment and skills development through collaborative actions to create lasting change, Bin Qutab Foundation (BQF), a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Bin Qutab Group (BQG) was incorporated as not for profit, civil society organization with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on June 12, 2007 under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 vide registration number 0061555.
For more than 12 years, we’ve been fighting diseases to save smiles and lives. Every day, our team members pour their passion, integrity, and dedication to make a lasting impact by ‘Restoring Hopes’.



Specialized in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Transportation, Bin Qutab Group was (BQG) was incepted in 1989 by an overseas Pakistani family. With its business arms in UAE (all GCC Countries), Pakistan, Afghanistan, UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Turkey and now China the group is licensed, affiliated and certified by FIATA, D&B, IATA, PIFFA and ACAAP.




legal Accreditation/achievements

  • Registered and qualified for Punjab Health Care commission license (Category-1)
  • Licensee of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA)
  • Licensee of Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP)
  • Registered with Pakistan Blood Transfusion Authority (PBTA)




Many of our worthy friends and valuable well-wishers have been encouraging us to expand our horizon of service to education sector yet we were focused on health. Since, our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds, we have seek formal consent of our Board of Directors to establish a state-of-the-art Bin Qutab International University (BIU) aimed to promote research, popularize innovation and produce efficiently skilled experts to regain the lost glory.

BNM Hospital

Envisioned in establishing ‘easily replicable state of the art rural healthcare institution’ to alleviate human suffering and for the accomplishment of sacred mission of Restoring Hopes, under the enthusiastic patronage of Mr. Muhammad Bashir Malik,Bin Qutab Foundation (BQF) has been fortunate to establish its first state-of-the-art, PHC licensed, PBTA certified rural healthcare project, Begum Noor Memorial Hospital (BNMH), a 50 beds complete hospital is located at the brink of 3 districts of Potohar region in village Bhubhar of district Chakwal.


To identify most common & deadly diseases, unmet health needs, gaps in provision of health services and community awareness regarding health issues, a comprehensive rural preventive healthcare program ‘Reach & Engage’ has been launched. 125,000 people from 100 selected villages of 10 Union Councils will benefit from the program in its first phase.


To facilitate the have-nots of far-flung areas at their doorstep, led by dedicated team, a fully equipped mobile hospital started serving in January 2019. The initiative proved to be worth expanding, we are in search of having more mobile hospitals to meet the needs..